Types of Car Speakers

Coaxial Speakers A.K.A full range speakers are the most common type of speakers for cars and are the kind that is most often used in vehicles. This kind of car speaker usually has the tweeter built into the woofer, or in extreme proximity to it, which makes all the sound seem to like is coming …

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The best 6×8 speakers for your car

Introduction The best 6×8 speakers for your car. Even in the most expensive cars, the stock speakers cannot give you the music experience that music fans so desire. If you are a music fan and believe that music must get the justice it deserves, you may want an upgrade on the stock speakers. 6×8 car …

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JBL Stage 9603 6x9 3-way speakers

Five Best 6×9 Speakers for Bass without amp

Hi there,  today we’re going to take a look at the five best 6×9 speakers for bass without amp on the market for this year. We’re going to show you our five best picks then we’ll talk about what you should look for before buying the best 6×9 speakers for bass without amp However, if you …

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